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Unique Torus Vase

€20.00 €35.00

Introducing our beautiful and unique torus vase, 3D printed with precision and attention to detail. The vase features a torus shape, with its distinctive twisted form, making it an elegant and contemporary piece. The smooth surface of the vase is created with a combination of the precision of the 3D printing process, and the subtle colour gradient of the filament used.

It's available in different colours to choose from, making it easy to match any interior design. This torus vase not only serves as a beautiful home decor but also as a functional vase, perfect to hold a bouquet of flowers or to simply be an eye-catching statement piece.

Experience the future of manufacturing and bring home a piece of art with our 3D printed torus vase.

Vase Dimensions:
Size: 14cm x 12cm
Hole Width: 2cm

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